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Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining Appointment
1. Dr. Bhupinder Kaur Assistant Prof M.A., M.Ed., M.Phill. 01/04/19 Regular
2. Ms. Ramandeep Kaur Gill Asst. Professor M.A., M.Ed. 01/04/19 Regular
3. Ms. Shallu Asst. Professor B.Ed., M.Ed. 01/05/22 Regular
4. Ms. Ramanjeet Kaur Asst. Professor M.Sc. Zoology, M.Ed., M.Phil., UGC NET 01/04/19 Regular
5. Ms. Manpreet Kaur Asst. Professor M.A., M.Ed. 01/04/19 Regular
6. Ms. Ramandeep Kaur Asst. Professor M.A., M.Ed., UGC NET 01/04/19 Regular
7. Ms. Rajinder Kaur Asst. Professor M.A., M.Ed. 01/04/19 Regular
8. S. Navpreet Singh Instructor M.P.Ed. Physical Education 01/08/17 Ad-hoc
9. Ms. Jyot Simmon Instructor M.A. Fine Arts, B.Ed. 01/07/18 Ad-hoc
10. Ms. Parveen Kaur Asst. Professor M.A. Pol. Science, M.Ed. 01/05/22 Regular
11. Ms. Amanjot Kaur Asst. Professor M.A. His., M.A. Pun., M.Ed., M.Phil. 01/05/22 Regular
12. Ms. Amandeep Kaur Asst. Professor M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Ed. 01/05/22 Regular
13. Dr Praveen Heera Principal MA, M.Ed, Ph.D , UGC NET 01/05/22 Regular
14. Ms Ranjna Rani Assistant Prof M.A., M.Ed., 01/05/22 Regular
15. Ms.Kiranjeet Kaur Assistant Prof B.Ed, MA(Edu) 01/05/22 Regular
16. Ms.Sanju Kumari Assistant Prof M.A., M.Ed. 01/05/22 Regular
17. Ms Kamaljeet Kaur Mann Assistant Prof MA, M.Ed, M.Phil 01/05/22 Regular
18. Ms Amandeep Kaur Assistant Prof M.A. M.Ed., 01/05/22 Regular
19. Ms Baljinder Kaur Assistant Prof M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil, UGC NET 01/05/22 Ad-hoc

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